Boiler Repairs

Your gas boiler is one of the most important appliances within your property and gas boiler breakdowns are common, especially as colder weather begins to work its way back in to our daily lives. And typically when Summer is over, various components inside boilers haven’t been active in some time, therefore it is not unusual for these components within the boiler to fail.

Our Peterborough-based boiler repair team are always on hand to get your gas boiler up and running again as soon as possible. We will also do our best to advise you over the phone to try and establish if a callout is necessary. For example, when the issue is more simple than originally thought and can be easily solved with a bit of friendly advice.

It is common for the majority of our emergency callouts to be the boiler simply requiring its pressure to be adjusted, and a boiler losing pressure can be caused by a multitude of factors, therefore an engineers visit is usually required. It’s also possible, although unlikely, that your gas supply has run out. Either way we are happy to assist.

What if we are Unable to Repair Your Boiler on the Same day?

We will do always do our utmost to repair your boiler on the very same day. However, from time to time, some parts completely fail and we would need to order that very specific part in from our supplier. If we cannot repair your boiler that same day, part of us going the extra mile is to ensure you stay warm in the cold months by supplying you with some fan heaters, should they be available. Rest assured, every boiler can be repaired, thanks to our Peterborough Gas engineers are trained to a very high standard and carry all the equipment needed to diagnose faults with your boiler.